Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 84

The Grateful Escape

Vecna sees the party has betrayed him, robbing Kas of his sword. In anger he casts Meteor Swarm on them, once again bombarding them with brutal magical energy. The group take flight, while Alucard uses Earthbind to bring Vecna’s shadowy form to the ground. Vecna tries to seal himself within a Prismatic wall but is foiled by Rakshasa‘s Countermagic. Rey flies up to Vecna in her dragon form, dousing him in flames. Sahri then leaps down, using the Sword of Kas to hack away at the darkness that’s shielding Vecna. Sahri drives the sword through his chest, into a similar wound already there. Vecna’s form disintegrates with the word “traitor” on his undead lips, and Iuz roars in triumph. The mists of ravenloft then enshroud the party, revealing four doorways to them. One leads to a familiar farm in Western Salisa, another leads back into Cavitius, the third is a doorway to the fortress of Kas the Bloody-Handed, and the final doorway seems to lead to Greyhawk. Mordenkainen thanks the party for their help, and says he must return home. He throws a book to Rey, and steps through the doorway to Greyhawk. Rey ties a note to the Sword of Kas and Sahri throws it into his fortress. The party exit through the doorway into Ahlim but see the form of the platinum dracolich rise up behind them, as they flee the Demiplane of Dread.
The group land unceremoniously in the middle of a familiar field, where they started their heroic adventures almost a year ago. They make their way to the farmhouse, being greeted by a frazzled woman, who they see is Ramas’s mother. Ramas soon appears, happy to see the group again. He tells them he wants to be be a bard, and that he is practicing his mime skills. The group spend the night on the farm and both Tsuki and Rakshasa have strange dreams.

Tsuki is on a snow-covered hill overlooking a northern valley, she can see huge mountains on the horizon, hiding the setting sun. Beside her is a kindly elvish man who offers her a blanket. This man, who calls himself Father, says she will need help to rescue The Outsider. He tells her to catch a falling snowflake, which she does. The snowflake is beautiful, intricate, and does not melt in her palm. Father tells her that the power of ice is with her now, and will aid her in defeating her foes. When she wakes up she can see the glowing blue pattern of a snowflake on her palm.
Rakshasa is inside a strange mountain, with a red glow illuminating the cavern. She sees lizard or bird-like foot prints in the dirt and turns to see the source of the light. A huge black goat is standing behind her, with glowing red eyes and curving horns longer than Rakshasa is tall. It doesn’t seem hostile, but it doesn’t seem kind either.
The group Planeshift to Hasamidat, taking Ramas with them to the bard college. The group then split up, with Ghesh, Alucard, and Sahri going to Kodoma, and the rest of the group visiting The Seer’s tower. The Seer is relieved that the group managed to return safely from the Demiplane of Dread and tells Rey that she had an important dream last night. Rey, Rakshasa, and Tsuki confess that they made pacts with Vestiges, which The Seer confirms were extensions of The Dark Powers. The Seer seems disappointed that Rey made this bargain, but understands why she did. She warns Rey that this is the same path that Hadar walked, and it led to his corruption and eventual fall. She says that it is not safe for these vestiges to be in this tower and she leads the three of them outside. She tells Rey about her dream, where an ancient and powerful being showed her a rune of great power: The Cerulean Sign. She says that this rune predates even The Destroyer and that it has been used by the secretive Order of The Cerulean Sign to combat Aberrations for a very long time across the multiverse. She says using this sign she may be able to banish the vestiges back to The Demiplane of Dread without taking away the groups powers. She performs this ritual on Rey, painfully inscribing the rune on Rey’s back. Rey passes out, but feels the vestige angrily torn away from her.
The Seer offers to do the same to Rakshasa and Tsuki, but when rakshasa finds out it will require The Seer to examine her soul she refuses. The Seer begins to examine Tsuki’s soul, but recoils in pain, saying that Tsuki made another pact, with a strange being she doesn’t understand. She says she will research this power, but until these pacts are broken the two of them are not allowed inside her tower.
Ghesh tells Rava about what the party has discovered about Lady Midnight. Rava is amazed at the groups actions and tells Ghesh to be careful with how he proceeds. Jiang recommends the group try a diplomatic tact with Calee and Hiromi, saying that they’re almost certainly grateful towards the group. Jiang and Rava tell ghesh they want to perform a ritual to formally induct him as one of Ajaakor’s Triad. Rava also tells him about several things that have happened while the party was away. Apparently a Sand Elf from the north has gathered a following of wanderers who are calling themselves The Horizon-Walkers. She says that apparently these Horizon-Walker have entered the Faewilds and are speaking with Sildar, the Goddess of Nature Herself. Ghesh uses sending to contact Sul Star-Follower, the guide who lead him across The Dune Sea before the party’s adventure began. Sul confirms that he has golden markings on his skin, and is speaking with Sildar. He says that he is no longer a member of the Star-Followers, but has formed his own clan: The Horizon-Walkers. Ghesh deduces that this must mean Sul Horizon-Walker is Jelan The traveler reborn.
Rava also says that apparently The Tarrasque is being harried in The Underdark by Jubilex.
she also says that messengers have arrived at many major cities of Ahlim, with invitations for the Warriors of The West from Dragonlord Ashekani.
While Rey is nursed back to health she has very peaceful dreams, with recurring images of Opalescent scales, and the Cerulean Sign. The party meet back up in Kodoma, and Ghesh sends Aliza and Turiel Dust-Born to investigate The Underdark to try and find The Tarrasque.
The party teleport to Lexinfa, in Nuin to meet with Dragonlord Ashekani. Rey says the party should make Butterscotch Pudding for Ashekani, knowing that this is her favourite desert. The denizens of Ashekani’s palace run through matters of etiquette with the group, which Sahri largely ignores. The group meet with the Dragonlord Herself, a gargantuan serpentine Gold Dragon with the occasional Bronze Scale. She has several familiar faces with her including Wu Jen and Qara Valeng. Rey reveals that Calee Valeng and Hiromi, Ashekani’s mother, are still alive. Ashekani and her advisors are initially skeptical but soon accept the truth. Ashekani says she has a quest for the party: to stop the conflict between her brothers from escalating and investigating Yagami’s “secret” mountain lair. She says to use diplomacy and warns that Itenashi is competitive and will want entertainment from the party. She warns that Yagami is cunning and may waste the group’s time or talk in circles to frustrate them. First though she says the party should spend time in her city, saying that even in the lands of The Dragonlords the Angels of The Annerians are heroes. Rey asks what her brothers favourite deserts are and she says that Itenashi likes Creme Brulee and Yagami likes Mint Chocolate Ice cream.
Rey spends her time collecting souvenirs and reading the book Mordenkainen gave her. It seems to be mostly absurdist poetry, but she finds references to scales, fish, rainbows, and trees very frequently. She comes to believe that perhaps Mordenkainen had some connection to the Order of the Cerulean Sign.
Ghesh and The Spectre research the reign of Calee Valeng and Hiromi just before The Scourge. They find out that Hiromi and Calee united the regions of central Akundin into the nation of Chayundo. They discover that Hiromi came into The Material Plane first of the elder dragons, who soon followed her. It seems that the elder dragons were resentful of being ruled by a human woman and Calee was soon forced from the throne.



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