Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 87

The Storm Dragons

An air-born battle ensues, with the dragons viciously attacking one another while spells are thrown from the back of one dragon to the other. Eventually the group is victorious, and the slain form of the blue dragon slams into the ocean below.
Meren is convinced to aid the group in the fight if things go badly and the party proceed into the volcano.
Inside the volcano Rey is tied up next to Alexis, and she sees that Yagami, Shan Ling, and Mala are talking to another about Jun, and a portal of some kind. Yagami has the Anathematic Gem of Prio around his neck. Alexis says they’ve been imprisoned for a long time, and that they did indeed know who Lady Midnight was, but was prevented from telling the group. Rey brings Alexis up to date with what’s been happening in the outside world. She tells Alexis that Hiromi was freed and reunited with Khalida.
The arrive at the edge of the central cavern of the volcano, and Alucard is shot by a legendary Raven: The Slayer. The Spectre recognises him as the one who killed him in his previous life. A fight begins, with Yagami expressing his disdain for the group and using his breath weapon on them. Mala summons illusory copies of herself to attack Rakshasa and Shan Ling opens a portal to The Shadowfell and pulls out Midraba’s shadow demon ally. The shadow demon charges Sahri and begins to attack her, while The Slayer paralyses Ghesh and Tsuki with poison. Alexis and Rey are freed and begin to help their allies. The Spectre is briefly banished to The Faewilds by shan Ling before Alexis breaks their concentration. Rakshasa blasts Yagami and hurls him through The Abyss, wounding him severely. Alexis kills Shan Ling and Sahri kills The Slayer, but the fight continues.



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