Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 89

The Earth Father's Rebirth

Tsuki is invited to Calee’s and Hiromi wedding, which is in several days’ time. The Seer tells Rey that she is now a High-Harper and that she has an important mission for her soon. The group travel to Kochiyama with Yagami and Ashekani. Itenashi proclaims that Chayundo has been victorious, and that Yagami has shamefully surrendered. Yagami begs his older brother to help him, but Itenashi ignores him. The group notice Asmodeus standing nearby, with the nemorian goat in tow. Half the group travel to Kodoma, to update Ajaakor’s Triad on what’s happened and the other half travel to Kerdov so that Yagami can formally abdicate the throne. A woman named Chara Khan sides with Ashekani and denounces Yagami as ruler, the crowd seem to comply. Yagami is then sealed in the flask, and the group travel to their fortress. The party receive a message from Alloces, saying that he is working with Asmodeus and Lady Midnight to create a race of beings called Devils. They’re also alerted by Aliza, Maldrana IV, Turiel Dust-Born that they’re close tor reaching The Tarrasque in The Underdark.
Rey collects “An Outsider’s Observations” that was left for her by Alexis. The group then teleport north to Svoren to join Maldrana IV and her force of Clerics and Paladins. The group then splits into three groups, each taking a different slime-covered path. The party come across several gibbering mouthers and ooze creatures, who seem to be drinking the spilt mithral-blood of The Tarasque. The party fight them, with Rey using her breath weapon on the ooze creatures. Several of the gibbering mouthers crowd around Sahri, trying to devour her. Soon the beasts are defeated. However, a roar of pain echoes throughout the caverns and the ceiling begins to collapse. The party run from it, and arrive in a large chamber where Jubilex seems to be devouring the defeated Tarrasque. Several of Jubilex’s followers are there, including one who’s wearing Rahn‘s armour, which they seem to have gotten from Brutalitops.
Alucard is devoured by Jubilex and dissolved, angering the group. Jubilex spews acid over the party, while his servants bombard the group with spells. Ghesh kills the woman wearing Rahn’s armour and then the group slay Jubilex. To ensure he’s banished Rey bombards his remains with Moonbeam, that burns away Jubilex.
Ghesh ressurects Alucard with Ajaakor’s help who asks him to help his brother. Sahri and Rey approach the wounded, weak Tarrasque, comforting it. They treat its wounds as best they can but its missing eye can’t be restored. The Angels soon arrive, and Rey calls for The Seer. The Seer begins to cast Soulmeld, to combine Und’s Angels’ essence with The Tarrasque to attempt to restore The God. The process takes several hours and The Seer admits she has never attempted Soul-Melding so many begins at once before. Gradually The Tarrasque’s form becomes molten and it becomes humanoid in form. Eventually the rocky and magma-like visage of Und appears, with one glowing ember-like eye. He thanks the group for returning him to life and says he has seen their lives and has great respect for them all. He places a fiery hand on Sahri’s shoulder and says that scars are nothing to be ashamed of. Ghesh opens a portal to The Elemental Planes which Und steps through, being reunited with his brother, Ajaakor.
Tsuki notices an invisible woman behind her and accepts her offer to attend “The Wedding” and is whisked away from The Underdark.



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