Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 90

The Coming Apocalypse

Tsuki is brought to a forest clearing in the mountains of northern Chayundo to a gathering for Calee and Hiromi’s wedding. She sees that Asmodeus, Erinye, Alloces, Ereshkigal, The Corpsemaster, and Gallard the Betrayer are all present. She also notices the female Nemorian scorpion watching happily. The corpsemaster casts Soul-meld on Calee and Hiromi, combining their bodies and life-essence. Calee/Hiromi thanks all the guests for their presence and comments on how well this wedding went compared to the last one she attended. She says she is in a generous mood and hands Tsuki the yellow Anathematic Gem as well as a map of Ahlim. With that, Calee/Hiromi transforms into her true form: A gargantuan two-headed metallic lavender dragon with one set of platinum eyes and one set of purple eyes. She then flies away, leaving Tsuki to eat some cake with the other guests.
The group help The Seer recover from her exertion and then wonder where Tsuki went. The Seer tries to locate her and briefly sees her in Chayundo, before Asmodeus teleports Tsuki away to Hasamidat.
Arriving in the city, Tsuki realises it’s in the grip of a fierce downpour of acid rain from which people are fleeing for their lives.
The Seer says she has an important mission for Rey, the most important quest either of them has ever had. The Seer then teleports the group to Hasamidat so they can assist Tsuki and the beleaguered city. Ghesh casts Control Weather, and clears the sky around the city. Unfortunately it seems this weather pattern is affecting vast swaths of Salisa, and is certainly unnatural. The group send several mages off to use Control Weather throughout Salisa while others stay to repair the city and help its residents. The party go to meet with the master wizard of Divination who says that the Red Star, which is now visible in broad daylight, is the strengthening sign of Tharizdun. She says that the days growing shorter is the first sign of The Father, Ahlim’s Elder Evil.
The next day a meeting of The World Council is called, bringing together leaders from across Ahlim. All the Angels who haven’t fallen (besides Rakshasa) are there, as well as most of the leaders of the world’s nations. The meeting is held at Sargonia, The Mithral City, and discussions go on through the night. The Seer calls for mobilisation of military forces to the north where cult forces devoted to Cryonax have risen. She suggests that mages continue to moderate the bizzare weather patterns near populated areas. She says that the Warriors of The West will defeat the Elder Evil responsible for Ahlim’s plight.
Sahri attempts to befriend The Storm King, to moderate success. Rey manages to befriend some of the world leaders who are suspicious of the group. She gains an offer of assistance from the Pharaoh of Nyoka in finding a Sphere of Annihilation to destroy The Anathematic Gems. Ghesh chooses this moment to bring up Calee/Hiromi’s plan to create The Nine Hells. The map Tsuki received had on it all the areas of Ahlim that were going to be ravaged by the creation of The Hells. The Dreadmarshes are almost completely consumed by this ritual, as well as most of Chayundo. Rey is horrified and the assembled council try to think of ways this destruction can be mitigated. The Giant Monarch concede that the Elemental Chaos may be an option, as it provides an almost limitless supply of matter and energy. Ashekani says that Nuin and Kerdov will accept refugees from Chayundo.
The council talk continues while the heroes contact Calee/Hiromi about their compromise involving The Nine Hells. The group are invited to join them at the grey shore of The Dreadmarshes, where Calee and Ghesh first met.
The party arrive after several hours, noticing glowing footprints leading into the sea and several scrolls of Water-Breathing weighed down by rocks.
Rey polymorphs into a giant shark and carries the group across the seabed, following the glowing path. At one point they come across the male nemorian shark, corrupted by demonic magic, swim south. The soon find Calee/Hiromi, who opens up telepathic communication with the group. She tells them it would be possible to use The Elemental Chaos, but that it would slow down the process dramatically. She tells the group that she is going to Zehan to gain more power by “Drinking of The Water of Life”. She also explains that she’s going to find out how to defeat Ahlim’s Elder Evil and what will happen once it is defeated. Rey questions her, and she admits that Calee was a Warlock of Piro, and is currently a Warlock of Zehan. She admits she would be willing to extend the timeline of The Nine Hells’ construction if she was assured it would not be interfered with.
The party notice an enormous demonic marine creature following them. Calee/Hiromi says that entity calls itself Dagon and will not harm the party while she is with them. She does say that other creatures live near and within Zehan’s prison that would not be so kind, however.



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