Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 91

The Southern Colony

Sahri asks more questions about what Calee/Hiromi could offer and what they would require in return. She says that at this time the most she has on offer is a plane of The Nine Hells and the most she could demand is a person’s life and soul. Sahri says she’ll consider the offer and the group teleport away, back to the world council. The talks continue for several more days until the group decides to head south on one of the Pharoah of Nyoka’s ships. The group notice the handsome stranger Asmodeus, who tells them to call him Ashmodai. He tells them he has a plan to imprison Calee/Hiromi in The Nine Hells, arguing that she can’t be trusted and deserves punishment. He says he was an angel of a fallen God named He Who Was, who struck Asmodeus down for embracing the full meaning of Law.

Rey is told about The Seer’s secret mission: The Imprisonment of Tharizdun. Rey bids farewell to the group and joins Nyx, Kori, Vishkanya, Selim, Celestia, Tomyra, Jolibzan, Sulgastor, and Meridar. The Seer explains that she’s contacted Gods from across their universe, urging them to help her imprison Tharizdun and save the universe from destruction at his hands. On the way Rey reads An Outsider’s Observations and finds out that Celestia is worried about her church in her absence. Hundreds of Gods turn up including the prominent figures of Pelor, Lathander, and Bahamut. These beings have a Cosmic Conference, discussing how to defeat Tharizdun and what it will entail. Rey knows that as a minimum Tharizdun’s Angels of Madness, The Astral Dreadnoughts, will appear.

Th group sail south for more than a week, across the cold, still sea. During this time The Red Star changes again, become a cyclic glyph in the sky, the time that the sun is out continues to decrease as well. The end of the year passes and the new year begins while the group sails to The South Pole. They see several ships sailing north, presumably from the southern colony. They arrive at a small village near the shore, surrounded by tree stumps from a recent deforestation event. Tsuki sees The Father on the shore, waving pleasantly at her. No one else sees the kindly elvish man and when Tsuki tells the group about him, his kindly manner fades and he disappears from view. The group investigate the strangely architectured village, realising it has been abandoned for quite some time. They tell the Nyokan crew they can return home.
The group proceeds in-land through the remains of a forest and soon realises there is someone invisible nearby allied with the familiar pixie, Pam. The person introduces themselves as Xochitl and says they’re a psionicist on the run from the tyrant Lord Blue-Eyes. Supposedly he has psionically enslaved the population of the Southern Colony and is sailing them north for war. She doesn’t speak common or know much about The Mainland but her psionic abilities smooth out the two parties’ cultural differences. She says that her and her followers were imprisoned by Lord Blue-Eyes for resisting his plan but she escaped. She’s currently being pursued by several groups of psionic trackers.
The party decide to help her resist her pursuers and retreat back to the village. Soon, several psionicists arrived, in the garb of Lord Blue Eyes’s loyalists. They demand to have the invisible Xochitl handed over, and use a supernatural candle to identify her location. The psionicists summon crackling blades of energies from their hands and Tsuki attacks them, beginning a combat. The group quickly defeat the psionicists and the hidden assassins who were with them. The pursuers, amazed by the furiosity of Xochitl’s defenders, flee. Xochitl thanks the party for their help and praises their martial prowess.



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