Tag: Angel


  • Rey

    Rey is an interesting gal. From humble beginnings as a simple rock gnome, she experienced tragedy early on in life. Her parents death, though violent, was also avoidable. She'd had dreams telling her of the event to come but mention of these dreams was …

  • Rakshasa

    Rakshasa Cheese Supreme Heinz. If you can't tell by the bitches name, her parents were assholes. She grew up on the family estate about an hour from Hasamidat. Her parents (Helga and Gunther) were wealthy, greedy, pleasure-seeking humans with little care …

  • Tsuki

    Tsuki was always a nice young copper Dragonborn girl who lived with her parents Takara and Chuzo. They are very well known through out the land for their treasure hunting skills and spell casting. Tsuki was a only child so she only kept to herself normaly …

  • Ghesh

    my mother(Lilokira) is a dragonborn, she was also a dragon guard but left the order to raise me with my father,(Wranwarin) who is a wildelf. He is a cleric of Ajaakor and has said that he was trained by a great cleric who believed in Ajaakor. Father and …

  • Rahn

    Rahn claims to be an immortal son of Hadar and the same man who stole The Fire Queen's Sword almost two centures ago. He seems to have the command of many strange, twisted creatures, and moves between The Ruins of Vishkanya and The Underdark. Rahn …

  • Turiel Dust-Born

    Born before The Scourge, Turiel was a young Sand Elf warrior in the confidence of Councillor Falkettan, later known as The Vengeant. When The Vengeant killed Und, Turiel was granted immortality by the explosive magical effects and has led his clan, The …

  • Joan Fairhelm

    Joan, of clan Fairhelm, is the young young Angel of Light Reborn. She is trained as an Auroran of [[Rzeka | Rzeka]] and wields The Morningstar of Meridar, one of her Legendary Artifacts.

  • Renn

    The twin sister of [[:rahn | Rahn]], she is known as The White Swan. She is a follower of one of the True-born demonlords: Enverna. She lives in the Ethereal Plane, training and meditating.

  • Elena

    Elena and her black bear companion, Rinn, have worked for many months to help the beleaguered people of The Rift.

  • Lorabelios

    Lorabelios and Anya Storm-blood once challenged [[:rahn | Rahn]] for Pyra, The Fire Queen's sword. Unfortunately Anya was killed and Lorabelios was turned to stone. Fortunately when the Warriors of the West defeated Rahn and drove his forces out of The …

  • Aliza

    The daughter of Kori and Morty she was banished to a far away world for more than 4, 000 years when Und was killed by her father. She was imbued was a fragment of Und's soul by this process and became an angel as a result. She was recently rescued by The …

  • Maldrana IV

    The Monarch of the mountain dwarf nation of Nazdum, she was recently assisted by The Warriors of The West in defeating the forces of Jubilex and Demogorgon at Deep-Dwell.

  • Selim

    The Archmage of Gnositan university, Curiosity is good friends with [[:reynaria | Rey]] and [[:rakshasa | Rakshasa]] and has aided The Warriors of The West many times.

  • Invadiah

    Once known as Eldor's Angel of Judgement, she fell from grace long ago. First she owed her allegiance to Graz'zt, but now she swears to [[Lady Midnight | Lady Midnight]]. When Tiamat created the Nine-Hells Erinye was given the sixth layer, Malbolge. Her …