Tag: NPC


  • Reverence

    A devoted servant of Eldor, she has served The Silvers for much of her life. [[:rakshasa | Rakshasa]] and her are now in a relationship.

  • Vishkanya

    Vishkanya is the Master Wizard of the college of Artificers of Salisa. She spends most of her time in Ephundali and is [[:reynaria | Rey]]'s mentor.

  • Kamahla

    Kamahla spent much of her life in Silnem as high priestess of Sildar's church there. Eventually she went into self-imposed exile after the townsfolk began to grow suspicious of her magical activities.

  • Evendil

    Trained in Hasamidat, he was sent to serve as a magical advisor to the mayor of Silnem. He and his assistant Therin eventually gathered support from several townsfolk to enact a plan.

  • Taman the Quiet

    A resident of Ephundali, he worships The Outsider. His partner and him were both attempting to monitor Midraba but failed. He took [[:tsuki | Tsuki]] under his wing to teach her the ways of the Rogue and The Outsider. He has a raven familiar.

  • Midraba

    She sold a dangerous Tome to a young man and opened a portal to The Elemental Plane of Fire. She is a high level agent of The Ravens, known as a Black Talon, and worships Piro, one of [[The Anathema | The Anathema]]. She was captured by the party, and …

  • Evangeliza

    Evangeliza Lavain is the younger sister of Evangeline, a well-known figure of The Aurorans. Evangeliza is known to have practiced dark magic and seems to have a connection to Lady Midnight. She was killed in High-Hill after her plans were foiled for the …

  • Kirtul

    Kirtul was the tracker for a marauding tribe of kobolds on his old world. He was brought to Ahlim by magic and is the only one of his kind on this world.

  • Alexis

    They claim to have dedicated their life to collecting stories and telling them to those they believe are worthy. They studied at Suphinhotep in Nyoka, Cleon at some time in the past. In truth Alexis is actually The Outsider of [[The Others | The Others]] …

  • Errich Dundragon

    He is the master wizard of Illusion at Hasamidat's University and is known for his kind and amiable personality. He is currently in control of the investigation into Midraba's recent thefts.

  • Priyanka

    The daughter of a senator, Priyanka Masheran is an earnest young researcher who seeks to find the truth of what happened to Vishkanya after its fall.

  • Rahn

    Rahn claims to be an immortal son of Hadar and the same man who stole The Fire Queen's Sword almost two centures ago. He seems to have the command of many strange, twisted creatures, and moves between The Ruins of Vishkanya and The Underdark. Rahn …

  • Kerok

    The Oldest brother of Prianyi, The Lifeweaver, Kerok oversaw the third trial of Prianyi's maze and watches over her Demiplane.

  • Nemon

    The middle brother of Prianyi, The Lifeweaver's siblings, Nemon oversaw the second trial of her maze. He delights in art and wishes to integrate into Ahlim society.

  • Tolun

    The Youngest brother of Prianyi, The Lifeweaver, Tolun wandered her maze and oversaw the first trial. He delights in combat and after [[:the-spectre | The Spectre]]'s advice, he intends to become a crewmate of his ship.

  • Ana

    Anastrianna Amakiir is the princess of the drow. Her capital city was destroyed when she was young, and she has trained since that day to accomplish vengeance. She is fond of crossbows, and her favoured possession is a magical heavy crossbow called " …

  • Chen

    A follower of The White Swan, Chen is apparently her agent in the underdark. He seems to hate [[:rahn | Rahn]] and is also opposed to the cult of The Red Spider. He has befriended several Flumphs one of which is following him.

  • Anahera

    A local warrior of the southern Whenua, she is the Adventurer's Guild liaison there.

  • Malik

    Previously the Angel of Purity, he gave up his powers to [[:rakshasa | Rakshasa]]. He was under the command of Lady Midnight but now seems to be free of her influence.

  • Azzainen

    An old knight armoured in red, he travels from place to place fighting monsters. The Warriors of The West encountered him at a ruined fort north of Tolstoff. He was once one of Luciela The True's companions but the world believed he died after he and …

  • Turiel Dust-Born

    Born before The Scourge, Turiel was a young Sand Elf warrior in the confidence of Councillor Falkettan, later known as The Vengeant. When The Vengeant killed Und, Turiel was granted immortality by the explosive magical effects and has led his clan, The …

  • Rava

    One of Ajaakor's Triad, Rava is a cleric from Berapi, [[Akundin | Akundin]]. She is the de facto leader of The Church and is greatly admired by [[:ghesh | Ghesh]].

  • Music

    A mild-mannered but devoted Pact Mage of Meridar, he hopes to fight against his demonic blood by fighting for righteousness.

  • Khalida

    Khalida is an intrepid assistant of The Grey King. She has been known to go on scouting missions in The Dreadmarshes, disappearing for days at a time and seems to know quite a lot about [[Lady Midnight | Lady Midnight]]'s operations. It was recently …

  • Itenon

    The Favoured Champion of Dragonlord Itenashi, Itenon is a skilled warrior. He seems to have a thing for [[:sahri | Sahri]] and was Chayundo's representative at a recent party in Hasamidat. Itenon has now become a Pit-Fiend and serves tiamat.

  • Dispater

    Lord Patros is a wealthy noble of [[Rzeka | Rzeka]] and has made his living finding rare and ancient artifacts. He claims to know how to find The Moaning Diamond. Lord Patros betrayed the party and revealed himself as an ally of Lady Midnight, giving her …

  • Joan Fairhelm

    Joan, of clan Fairhelm, is the young young Angel of Light Reborn. She is trained as an Auroran of [[Rzeka | Rzeka]] and wields The Morningstar of Meridar, one of her Legendary Artifacts.

  • Renn

    The twin sister of [[:rahn | Rahn]], she is known as The White Swan. She is a follower of one of the True-born demonlords: Enverna. She lives in the Ethereal Plane, training and meditating.

  • Elena

    Elena and her black bear companion, Rinn, have worked for many months to help the beleaguered people of The Rift.

  • Lorabelios

    Lorabelios and Anya Storm-blood once challenged [[:rahn | Rahn]] for Pyra, The Fire Queen's sword. Unfortunately Anya was killed and Lorabelios was turned to stone. Fortunately when the Warriors of the West defeated Rahn and drove his forces out of The …

  • Aliza

    The daughter of Kori and Morty she was banished to a far away world for more than 4, 000 years when Und was killed by her father. She was imbued was a fragment of Und's soul by this process and became an angel as a result. She was recently rescued by The …

  • Maldrana IV

    The Monarch of the mountain dwarf nation of Nazdum, she was recently assisted by The Warriors of The West in defeating the forces of Jubilex and Demogorgon at Deep-Dwell.

  • Selim

    The Archmage of Gnositan university, Curiosity is good friends with [[:reynaria | Rey]] and [[:rakshasa | Rakshasa]] and has aided The Warriors of The West many times.

  • Invadiah

    Once known as Eldor's Angel of Judgement, she fell from grace long ago. First she owed her allegiance to Graz'zt, but now she swears to [[Lady Midnight | Lady Midnight]]. When Tiamat created the Nine-Hells Erinye was given the sixth layer, Malbolge. Her …