Tag: deceased


  • Evendil

    Trained in Hasamidat, he was sent to serve as a magical advisor to the mayor of Silnem. He and his assistant Therin eventually gathered support from several townsfolk to enact a plan.

  • Midraba

    She sold a dangerous Tome to a young man and opened a portal to The Elemental Plane of Fire. She is a high level agent of The Ravens, known as a Black Talon, and worships Piro, one of [[The Anathema | The Anathema]]. She was captured by the party, and …

  • Evangeliza

    Evangeliza Lavain is the younger sister of Evangeline, a well-known figure of The Aurorans. Evangeliza is known to have practiced dark magic and seems to have a connection to Lady Midnight. She was killed in High-Hill after her plans were foiled for the …