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The History of Ahlim
Mortals first awoke many millennia ago and learnt the fundaments of language, agriculture, technology, and philosophy from The Six Annerians. Empires rose, powerful nations powered by advanced magical and technological understanding. Unfortunately, the world was ravaged by an event known as The Scourge which distanced the Gods and led to centuries of chaos and death at the hands of demons, dragons, and civil war. Eventually the world stabilised, with the Dragons being driven from the west. Peace and prosperity rose again, with the knowledge of the past and hope for the future reappearing throughout Ahlim. After a severe civil war in the centre of Ahlim, the modern nations were founded and international cooperation reached an all-time high. Unfortunately cooperation was not enough to prevent the beginning of many terrible conflicts: Calamity, The Bone Wars, and most recently, the horrible destruction of much of Dark Elvish civilisation in what has been called The Earthen Betrayal.

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